It yawns
and stretches;
opening out its arms wide
up into the sky
and down into the core
of all our beings.

It breathes
and surfeits,
in the dark
it bleeds
onto white sheets
and trickles
down technicoloured creeds.

It numbs
and it teases
thoughts out of dreams.
It crackles
and stumbles
in the spaces
between You and Me.

It unfurls its grey mast
cruising through constellations,
harboured in the eyes
of blackened generations.

It makes you sweat.
It makes you weak.
It remains a harbinger
of a future bleak.

It crawls
and cringes.
It fumes
and surges.
It grows walls all around-
as we within come crashing down.

It mumbles
and smiles
as the rising dawn
stifles another yawn.
It whispers
and tells secrets
of journeys yet to come…

In the morning light
In lays itself down to sleep.


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