Bottled Ships

At sea, at sea.
I float aimlessly.
Consumed and parched.
I can only breathe.
Alive?Who me?
I dream.
Through days and nights.
I stare at the sky.
And the sea.
I had to.
I had to flee.
I had to be free.
I hold on.
I clutch water.
And salinity is my decree.
What, oh what, has become of me?
I am but a plank of wood.
floating at sea.
Like a ship in a bottle.
I let out the sail.
I ran away.
I dropped anchor in nowhere.
And this is home.
Here I be.
As I float on.
Into eternity.


One thought on “Bottled Ships

  1. wow…..i just wonder where do u get the imagination to write about all seriously nidhi…really nice…everytime i read i try to decipher what exactly is this poem wanting to tell u about…..superb….just too good….n m not exaggerating…..:)

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