It was on a sunny day
As I walked along my way
Tripping on pebbles,
Slipping on skittles,
That I came across the man
Soaking in his heavy tan.
I caught his eye
But walked on by
Strange was his face,
Stranger the recognition
That breezed past my eyes.
I have known you!
We walked together
On that pre-historic noon
To see Titan, our ruler?
And caught up in her dream,
Ariel gave a scream…
So are you new here?
I returned to ask him
On the strength of a memory dim…
He glanced at my being and turned
To splattered shadows getting burnt,
Waves cluttered up his forehead
And I watched him fume and fret.
Until it all dissolved into a smile,
For the rest, he was immobile.
Your silence is a cacophony
Of the past you try to kill,
As is mine. Oh dear,
We’ve been through this drill!
And so again,
In bliss I remain.
Our little tête-à-tête to this day is Incomplete.
Though I see him everyday,
Fleeing the reflections in my hallway.


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