New Media- Made over!

Now here’s a threat to my esteemed profession. Immedia, as the author of this piece of literature calls it, is going to be the death of any form of professional mass communication, if this author, and the numbers he gives, are to be believed. where do we go, once we are ejected out of our offices, because now we, and not our machines, are redundant? geez, journalists of the world, its time to look under other stones for survival!

fail not to heed the siren wails that our benevolent machines are sending out! man shall sit at home and re-live the day to day happenings, and that is how we shall keep a record of what the human race endures in the future. the image isn’t far from what many sci-fi authors have foretold in creative imagination- it is once again a ‘war of the worlds’- the real and the virtual.

Be warned. Be prepared.

And put some cash into my begging bowl. I needeth to live too, my friend…Even if newspaper can only be used to pack lunches, now on.


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