Jump! for my love…

The jumpsuit is back! more flowy, feminine and pret than ever before. this amazingly convenient item of clothing was once the need of assembly line workers, astronauts, and was generally something that must’ve been a harbinger of all those moments of boredom spent at dreary work.

Then some high flying fashion designer, on a hot, tedious summer afternoon, with the weight of heat and unproductiveness, glanced in the direction of his son and realised the beauty of the coverall he was wearing. And decided to display it to the world. On the ramps and on the profiles of hot bods of the time. since then, there’s been no stopping the jumpsuit from hopping to the forefront of any fashion show.

And then, it gained mega-celebrity status when Elvis Presley did a number in it.

And today, although in and out of fashionistas wardrobes and the racks of haute couture, it has gained the status of the stiletto- not always in the limelight, but forever sexy. and its sexiness is largely attributed to its comfort-ability. like that favourite pair of dungarees that you’d never want to take off, all those days ago. And altered to a little less here, a stitch there, it can make the most (unwantedly) curvacious bodies look like flat ironed steel. this time, its chanel, zoya and even Indian designers like Arjun who are doing the honours.

time for another swagger down high fashion’s memory lane. (and that is such a pleasantly vicious circle!)


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