Violence in Venus

just another day at work. sitting in front of a computer. like everyday. where is the variation?

so i just came across this episode of modern day enslavement. one Mrs. Sabhnani, resident of New York, has been treating two Indonesian women in a “less than human manner” for the past 10 years or so, implying violence, malnutrition, underpayment. sleeping on mats in the kitchen. being fed their own vomit in some form of vague punishment. having to scavenge for food from garbage bins in order to stay alive. completely at the mercy of the millionaire’s wife who seems to have been sprinting on some kind of power trip.

and the prosecution made some powerful, sentimental statements like “This did not happen in the 1800s, this happened in the 21st century. This happened in Muttontown, N.Y.”

what is it in human nature that seeks to dominate over other humans, gain supremacy and exploit the other? the wickedness of a soul that surfeits upon the sweet taste of power? why is it so hard to uphold and practice the ideals of ‘equality, brotherhood and fraternity’, which we so fondly idealise about? are such things only to remain in theory, and in our imagined versions of reality, as some sort of consolatory feel-good idea, to make us feel like ‘good people’?

there it was, in our distant gleam of a childhood-children learn to bother and torture lesser beings- dogs, worms, insects, classmates. then come the power games that people play, the politics of being, of existing as a ‘social animal’. and then there are the wars, the hitlers, the concentration camps, the religious dismissal, the underline the differences, the shortcomings of others and play upon them, in order to get ahead in this race to Madville.

Mrs. Sabhnani’s treatment of her domestic help needs to be highlighted for the extent of its horror, which becomes tenfold, simply because this happened now, and not two centuries ago. she must be a freak of a woman, utterly blind and deaf, and dumb (read stupid), to do this in an age when women are screaming suffrage and when America is about to encounter its first black president. there is nothing that excuses violence against fellow living beings.

(unless they’re mosquitoes!)

but then again, what about the wars? thats a whole different story.

and coming back to my ennui. it ebbs and flows like the Amazon. or Cauvery, if you will. violent women disgust me. and that makes it low tide.



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