another gender bender…

Here’s an example of how we completely absorb the mentality that fevers around in society, even when no one has explicitly taught us things. Here’s also an example of what blindness men and women live in, and how easily hypocrisy comes to man. and woman.

IH:i hope u’v seen boratG: yupi bought the damn fake in burma bazaar in chennaiIH: hahahaG: oh what a laughIH: i wnt to see ur face wen tht scene comes in which the both of thm are fightin nakedG: oh its alrighti didn’t scream- “my eyes! MY EYES!”if thats what you meanπŸ™‚IH: haha…i know my girlfriend wud have faintd on th spotG: i went to a second hand bookstore todayits a real famous one in bangaloreand i found erotic literature!for the first time in my lifeIH: whaaau’v nevr seen it beforeG: my friend and i were quite ecstaticnopenot in real life at leasti know rachel read it in friendsπŸ™‚i’ve seen it onlinebut not actual booksas in pages and print and all!!πŸ˜‰IH: achhau’v nevr seen lettrs to penthouseG: nopeheard sooo much about them but never seen emIH: its the most famous in erotic litG: yupi know thatIH: i have a copy bak in my hostelG: unless you count D H Lawrence i haven’t read any everof letters to penthouse?my myyou naughty lil boy!IH: yeah n i got it frm a girla batchmateG: well welli see your education is quite forward!πŸ™‚IH: and this ws th same girl hu ws rumored to hv givn a ******* to her boyfredn wen th lights went outG: omigodok its all goodIH: and dnt draw a wrong impression of hershe’s a very sweet n nice girlG: no who am i to judge?IH: who hs a darker side i guessG: good for herand who says the two can’t coexist?and honestly, if she is sexually awakened, why is it called her darker side?IH: hmm…i see an eg in front of meG : nobody calls horny men dark!thATS NOT FAIR…IH: πŸ™‚all men are hornyits a factG: exactlyIH: thr born tht wayG: and have you seen anybody calling all men the dark human beings, or animals for that matter?!no, thats no excuseIH: its a fact i have to smtimes hide frm my girlfriend to kp peace btwn usyeah yeah u winno darker sidewe’re all jediG: hah hagood…now you’re in line

i’d rather we were all jedi than being differentiated along the lines of something so basic to being alive. it’s just silly!


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