Mall Rats, Frats (and drats!)

Up the elevator, in the door,

That slides open for you to soar

Into the world of objects – inanimate and live

Humming ‘sunshine’ and suppressing a little jive.

You skid on polished marble

And on blue-shirt/tie/eye’s warble

He smiles, the prize in his hand winks

You fall for it (again) and it’s all done in a blink!

She waits for you to stray into her orbit,

And when you do, you are accosted

Your nose is assailed, Escada’s adrift,

Aaahhh, you sigh. I deserved that sweet lil gift.

Yellow incandescence, sparkling off cut glass

Makes for be-fitting romance

As you give them all a try in cubbyholes

Tucked away, little tete-a-tetes with kindred souls.

And when the orgy’s over,

You scoot over to ‘please pay here’.

Your heart takes flight, as does your money,

It’s a funny thing this, in a rich man’s world, honey.

‘Pleased to have done business with you, madam,’they say,

‘Come again, we love you,’ they sing,

Upliftment of the self-image, is what they serve,

And they sure succeed, seeing the blush creep up your curves.

What a beautiful day it is, hear the chirrups of your fringe!

Hear the melodies of your possessions, rhyming with the plastic tinge.

You are cured, gay, happy and free,

‘For just another day,’ sniggers retail therapy…


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