Periodic Bliss, period!

There’s something about late, winter afternoons. When the sun is not really out with a vengeance anymore, when the world is at its most rested having caught a satisfying post lunch 40 winks. When the yellow light is mellow, and song waves out of radios accompany steam wafting out of evening cups of coffee/chai. When the laziness is palpable, like a languid cat that stretches out tasting all the leisure in the world. When you’re just rising out of a blissful stupor, and lie in bed for an extra 5 minutes, feeling the sun outside, and all the peaceful activity that goes on anyway.
When hardly anybody can be bothered with a fight, moods are so relaxed. When you know that as dusk, and night, approach, the day’s only going to get better; peppered as it is with anticipation of cuddles, conversations, culinary transcendence…
It is the closest i’ve come to tasting pure, sweet bliss. That time of the day is when i’ve come closest to being replete-with-satisfaction. Bless our hearts, for those lazy afternoons.


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