Chasing Dreams

Lights go out,
sounds die down
words scream out, but
Nobody’s listening tonight.
There you are,
Floating up to infinity,
Cruising clouds,
Following your own music.
You try
To break free,
Cut through the string
that pulls you back
To earth,
Slit the hand
That is your harbinger,
Taunting blood
That drips down time.
This heart
That pines for you
Beats out pleas
Up to many gods
anchoring on hope,
after dead faith.
You’re mine, really,
This thread between us
I will never let go.
Come save me,
Salvage me,
If only you come true,
It’ll be
The making of me.
Glint red all you want
You’ll never get away,
Until you make me.
Take a good look
At this raging flood
under cracked skin.
Embalm me tonight,
Let it rain.
Sing that lullaby,
Come true,
And then lay me
Down to sleep.


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