Release of More Bailout Funds Gains Favour in the US Senate,
Citi breakup is in sight;
And the World Bank Blacklists Wipro.
Did Raju tip off big lenders?
Maybe Premji should have run to Dubai too.

Aamir wins over IIM-B students with his charm,
Bollywood cashes in on Mumbai carnage.
Chandrayaan reveals a 2-km peak on Moon
Apple iPhone 3G Kings Button for Rs 12,00,00,000?
Our neighborhood beggars had decent breakfast today after a week.

Obama’s Worst Pakistan Nightmare Has Surfaced,
Even as human rights activists criticise
his efforts to shut down Guantanamo.
Israeli forces intensify Gaza offensive
And its the Ties or Terror ultimatum for Pakistan.
Meanwhile, Afghanistan remains forgotten.

Feeling pretty? Hormones may lead to more…
But as humans hunt, their prey gets smaller.
Sexually transmitted disease rates soar,
That boy-next-door might not be all he says.

The Clock Is Ticking
And here’s another fire we didn’t start.
And as we spin on to Oblivion, hot or cold,
Maybe, wormholes too can open wrong doors.
All said and done,
thinking too much can be a pain in the arse,
So, why don’t you join me on this joyous merry-go-round?


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