Tie the knot, not the ties?

Smriti A, 24, Tall, Beautiful,
Domestic and Loving,
Is to be married soon.
Portly Mr A and his wife
Would request your esteemed presence
At The Sheraton in a few days.
Smriti’s to-be has the kind of flab
She’s been working off for the past decade.
At lunch, the other day, she brought it up
And almost screwed up the whole thing.
Chastisement spewed forth that evening.
But she survived, oh what a pity(?).

Now, she sits in her room,
Not really paying attention to whatever
Penetrates her wooden door
And her wooden heart.
Runs the blinding ticker across
Her throbbing forehead.

Could this very well be the end?
Her past, his past.
They’ve yet to discuss, and oh!
How she hopes he has one.
That’ll make hers less sinful;
And what her dad is giving him
(Scorpio, Rs 50 lakh + flat in Bombay)
so much more bearable.
Who is she to be a social activist, they say,
When she tries to edge in a word…
We’re just making sure you’ll be happy,
brim over the tears.


One thought on “Tie the knot, not the ties?

  1. Does one’s past truly lie in the past?Well, I guess a Scorpio, 50 lakhs and a flat in Bombay should be able to ensure that it does. Like always,a true facet of life subtly put with such masterful ease. Keep it coming.

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