Textbook Love Of The Teen Age

We will live within a wall as white as milk,
Breathe within a curtain as soft as silk
We will bathe in a sea of crystal clear,
Cherishing the golden apple that will appear.

We shall sing songs of cascading moonlight
Dance on dewdrops shining bright.
Read of undying love mighty and high
Cherishing ours with a deep contented sigh.

We shall walk through shimmering fields of gold,
Bask in the warmest sunlight and behold,
This vast wide world in all its glory,
Thank our stars and relate our story.

We’ll dream of stars, angels, love and peace,
find true bliss, our souls at ease,
We shall live life in all its ethereal design,
Now that I’m yours and you’re so very much mine.


4 thoughts on “Textbook Love Of The Teen Age

  1. @ anand: thanks :)@ jelli: i know! but there really was a time when the poet n the dreamer's paths converged :)@ baseer: this is a surprise. thanks much! an honour that you've visited here. 🙂

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