Fair Weather

SO, it has been long. Contemplation is not on top of my priority list these days. why? For a change, Life is happening. Not only the ‘hep’ way, but also, actually commencing, going on, being proactive. When the mind is blissfully engaged in classrooms and libraries, and cafes and scintillating company, to be honest, and laughter (the real, gushing, blushing, heartwarming, gurgling, bright type) is as inevitable as feeling hungry, or hitting Facebook, it is completeness. And now, winter is in – Ta Da! After long, everything feels RIGHT. Doing what i want to do and doing it wallowing in constant mirth is what i call Doing It with Elan. Gosh, how i gush!

I hate to admit this, but I am a bit superstitious about talking of the good parts of my life. As in I feel, happiness, when shared, is often jinxed, the moment it is talked of loud. Like the proverbial butterfly, lounging on your shoulder – you turn to capture it, it is gone. And so, I wish you’d knock on wood right now for you’d be doing me a great favour and leaving me at peace, if only till my next outpour of joy. cheers!


4 thoughts on “Fair Weather

  1. 🙂 came after a long long time.. shall got through all the posts and comment..hehe especially saw some questions and aswer thing below.. will reply.. glad that u glad..and i wholeheartedly agree when u say

    “Doing what i want to do and doing it wallowing in constant mirth is what i call Doing It with Elan”.

  2. Ankita: Thanks! love you!

    Riddhi: jaldi karo reply! and…hehehehe…hai na? n if you keep showin me your face more jaldi jaldi, it’ll be still better! 😀

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