Marching to The New Tune

(Dedicated to students everywhere. specially my classmates at Amity, Ramjas, ACJ & Jamia)

Dried mortar and oak wood,
Sunbeams on bricks cooked,
Dusty windows and dirty floors,
Distant voices and different souls
All inhabit one Space
As one Being
For that one Hour
Interacting and seeing
Many worlds of words
Lapse before their very eyes.
From thoughts into a slumber
As His glistening drone dries,
The obscure chalk of yesterday’s
Education comes alive.
Even in their Twenties-,
They draw on walls and desks,
Battling the world’s wisdom
Armed with hybrid Intellect.
Blame it, if you will,
On their moods that
Guide them down
blind alleys, to separate
Lights. Do they care
If the world looks down on them?
They may reap penance
For what they have sown,
But through all time,
The words shall be their own.


2 thoughts on “Marching to The New Tune

  1. heeeheee. there are always exceptions, anand. always. 🙂 but as far as wall/desk/blackboard/chair graffiti goes, do u think there really could be exceptions? haven't we all been there, done that?

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