Resolute in 2010?

And so, a new year begins. From a hundred wishes to many a thousand nano seconds of jubilation that is the space between 31-12 and 1-01, into the expanse of breathing through the next 364 days, it is quite an usher-in. And hats off to our collective optimism as a race – we never fail to make ourselves some same-old brand new promises, Rx crisp, for a longer life, a healthier bank account; a leaner, better we. As of 25 hours and 15 minutes ago, mine include:

  • Waking up by 7 am
  • Paying more attention to the books, less to clothes
  • Learning a new language, preferably French, and learning how to cook
  • Most importantly, staying in touch with the ones i love.

Tough call, yes, but this is nothing compared to ‘Stop smoking/drinking/doing drugs’, ‘lose XXX kgs’ and the massive projects people have the courage to undertake. Or even learning the violin! (eh riddhi? 😛 )

But New Year Resolutions as an institution is something to ponder about. A spin-around-the-yearly-clock rumination in a drunken stupor (more of often than not) bares to the self a dissatisfaction that has been building up right from the moment the last resolution was made, on account of the non-fulfilment of it. But we steam on. Where do we get the guts to make the promises when it is almost certain we’ll have forgotten (hence broken) them the very next day? What happens to the self-image on such relentless badgering year after year, when the broken promises come back to haunt us, almost every December night? Is it the strength, the tradition or the stupidity that keeps us going?

At least with me, promises to the self have historically been a tough deal. I make them all the time, New Years’ Eves included, and to the gods every time i want something from them, and every time i find myself genuinely fed up with myself…that list goes on. So god help me with this time, again. Because if we have to go through with this jig resolutely every year, we must count on hope. and have faith. Amen. 🙂

PS – Check this out if you’re short of ideas for your ideas. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Resolute in 2010?

  1. Don’t know about your past resolutions, but this time, you had it. Your readers will be there to question or congratulate, depending on the fate of this years resolutions! All the best!

  2. I left making resolutions long back, in fact even when I used to make some it was more often then not due to peer pressure or some random person asking me..”so what are your new year resolutions this year” and had to give some random answers….
    I find this whole idea very funny (for that matter the huge celebrations for the new year’s…all a bit over the top)….precisely for the reasons you have mentioned.

    However, I like your resolutions..very realistic…hope you achieve them this year 🙂 and you have summed up the feelings for an individual very well…and raised a very important question…what impact does it have on us…..interested to see what people have to say!!!

  3. Chandu: that’s precisely the whole point! maybe a little accountability will make me responsible 😀

    shishir: thank you. you’re one of the few i am counting on to help me keep to these! although we both know i’ve gotten nowhere till now 😀 and the huge celebrations are goin to stay part of your life, coz you don’t need a reason to celebrate. so u better be ready for it all 😛

  4. mera mazak udati hai gustakh.. heheh i have not stuck to any resolution ab tak toh… sign language ke dates nikal gaye.. and violin ke liye dates liye nahi.. khajur mein atki rahungi mein.. hehe

  5. Hi nidhi
    I’m your junior from college, if you remember. Came across your blog….it’s a wonderful place to get lost. And you write beautifully….will visit this place more often.

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