“When the skin is cleaved,
The blood shall gush
Down blue veins
Into unacknowledged gutters.
Tonight, the lines
In my head, we shall
Carve on this land,
Irrevocable as the gashes
Embossed on my hand.
This. This is your shame. This will
Be our chosen glory, for now.
And as the swords clash
In their midnight toil,
We shall stand, firmly
Rooted in our own soil.”


7 thoughts on “Partition

  1. Hi…I have to admit this is one of the few poems I have been able to grasp at the first go. It is extremely thoughtful and touches upon something so relevant in today's world. I think this poem amply reflects that you are a student of "Peace building and conflict analysis" πŸ™‚ Looking forward to more!

  2. Chaos on the streets,Hatred is all they needAnarchy in a worldWhere freedom is what they preachOrwellian truthsand Freudian thoughtsPropagandists ruleOur docile, decaying lotFear in their heartsWealth, all that they dreamLynching mobs and burnings townsOh, how pretty would that be?Children trampled by the war machinesWomen ravished by beastsHomes looted… Men executedHumanity has taken our leave

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