Love, that lasts a fleeting second,
A fleck caught in your eyelash
That makes you turn around
And wink, for the second once-over.

Love, that descends in her eyes
As they revolve around the fire:
He is her entire world
She, his many satellites.

Love, for one night,
For a stupendous price.
Silken sheets, plastic keys,
As much cuddling as you please.

Love, in every wrinkle,
Every line, every rotting tooth,
All sore joints; but how young, distilled
Through all seconds of the hourglass.

Love, on Eastman-color posters, tainted,
In garbage-strewn alleys, painted,
With red spittle, tattered,
But still scorching silver screens.

Love, in the middle of the night.
In our hands – held, In this bed – white,
In our sky – light. And in this whisper –
Don’t break my heart, just yet.


13 thoughts on “L’amour

  1. The many shades of love. Put across subtly. But then what is new, you do it everytime and with characteristic ease. "Love through winter, spring, summer and autumn. Love in sorrow and in fun.Love when near and when far,It is a pity she she traded him for a car."

  2. HAHAHAHA!! anand, i am LMAO! you are soo hung up, but that is hilarious! but think again, is it really a pity? i'd say thank god for the car guy, he rode her (all around) and that was it! thank your stars you're out of it! πŸ˜€

  3. @ Nidhi: It is not a pity as far as I am concerned. It was my Independence day. It is a pity for l'amour lost."he rode her (all around) and that was it" – Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Quite literally. She enjoys the ride, apparently.

  4. well, you'd know better about that than i do (more wink wink nudge nudge ;p) but seriously, we should restrict such dirt to gtalk, and not destroy the pristineness of my lowely poyum. πŸ™‚

  5. (hmmm..further down that road, a wistful voice broke out)For tomorrow holds great mysteries…I might riseAnd you may sleepBefore inevitable uncertainties,And ambiguity of deedsI seek a final grace to this reverieRiding the whirlwinds of passionWe have skirted futilities galoreFor each time we’ve hit the right noteI just desire an encoreI know this is not like all timesMy impertinence maybe unwiseBut as memories will fail to sufficeI implore for one final goodbye

  6. haha.. my bad! i was merely trying my hand at foretelling and randomly chose one of the strands from the myriad loves & lives (or love-lives) you so vividly chronicled here.but happy ending? pray tell, how can people be happy if it ends? :p(ok, let's try this one..)He who loves foolishly and well,Will meet Helen of Troy in hell.But she whose love is thin and wiseWill meet John Knox in paradise.:p :p πŸ˜€

  7. shishir – MWAH! the last of the verses, dedicated to you ;Praghu – hahahha! the satire n irony that only wisdom can bring…nice! your readers are certainly amused ;Panonymous – finally! mwah! πŸ˜€ (ok now i sincerely hope it is u, o enigmatic princess of purr, otherwise this could get real embarassing! πŸ˜› )

  8. this is beautiful. Lovely. I love. very very much :D@Anand: πŸ˜› I'm glad she traded him for a car. And Im glad I got off it. You should be glad too. πŸ™‚

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