Dad says, if you wish for something hard enough, you will get it. The universe shall conspire in your favor, but you just have to really REALLY want it. You simply have to dream it into existence.

Ma says, what you see is what you get. Yes, sometimes (rarely), prayers get answered. But in general, you get only as much as you’re fated to get. The universe has already decided your credit limits.

I, am somewhere in between Beliefs. Especially when almost nothing seems to be working my way. sigh. For now, an old friend’s advice is quietly repeated inside my head for day-to-day sanity – This too shall pass.


9 thoughts on “Worldviews

  1. Hello

    I need to read all your previous posts! You got yourself a new fan now!

    What your dad said rings a bell with what I read in school — the self-help master Paolo Coelho 🙂 Though I have long ago stopped reading the man, for I think he’s fleecing us with his sob-sob tales. My opinion 🙂

    I don’t think there’s any ‘credit limit’ to your fate. If there is, then one should get busy living and not bother about the limit.

    Yikes! I am talking heavy after a long, long time with another blogger friend 🙂 This too shall pass even before I get up now for a can of Pepsi!

  2. wow….this seems so honest and true..almost as if I have heard all of this before…probably from my parents…..and ya…”this too shall pass”….is something that I rely on too…nice!
    Btw..I really love the new look of the blog..i just logged on yesterday and was pleasanlty surprised… really have a knack of keeping your fans interested!! 🙂

  3. Debby: haha…yeah. thanks! you’ve a lot of readin to do man! 😛

    anand: not the one you think it is. although she used to say that too. 😀

    sve: i shall take that as a compliment! 😀

    shishir: mwah! 🙂

  4. It does always pass, though it seems like it won’t, but i guess you already know that.

    Though I too somewhere float between the two beliefs, what i really think is that, You can be anything you wish for, Be anything you want. Here, You as in YOU – nidhi 🙂
    And, if the universe is listening, even better.
    And this long boring comment cz- I’m all from dreaming things to life, dreaming is all i do consistently. Its the only job i havent quit yet 😛 haha.

    N Anand: if the person you mentioned is the person i think you mentioned and nidhi says it isn’t, is really the person you mentioned- Both of us need to clear our heads. Or just me 😀

    • @ Nidhi & Ankita: “Like all else, this too shall pass” was my pet line in the face of any adversity. I was not hinting at anyone else.

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