24 and how!


Debby thought it would be apt to have a blog post on birthday. Although i usually find birthdays to be terribly emotional, sensitive areas in time, and told him as much, here’s an attempt at rationally fishing up some random thoughts and consequences of turning 24.

  • I’ve lived for almost a quarter of a century.
  • Dad says i ideally should have had a child by this time, by which he implies i should have gotten married two years back, according to Indian Traditional Time 😐
  • While they say the 20s are a most turbulent time in any individual’s life, by this time, i seem to have realised that for the most part, i’m OK.
  • OK with being alone, having just a few close but meaningful friends, not being 0 size, not being liked by that person that i really adore, with having been stabbed in the back, used and thrown away, because effectively, life is wonderful right now.
  • I made some of the best decisions of my life yet in the past year – coming back to Delhi, coming to Jamia (thank you forever, Shishir 🙂 ) chief among them.
  • I love the gifts i got – the flowers, cakes, chocolates, clothes, the modern lifestyle chart, the super awesome Green Jade perfume, the cool headphones – it’s been about all the things i love the most!
  • The final flourish for this year would be a tattoo. I’d appreciate ideas. tops among choices right now are a cluster of shooting stars, a dragonfly, a snail, Goop-tah in chinese letters ( 😀 ) !
  • There’s always many many things to look forward to. And among other philosophies of life, ‘things always have a way of working themselves out’ remains the most consolatory.
  • I LOVE the people i love, even if i don’t manage to stay in touch with them. but the dilemma of the redundancy of some friendships surfaces. of course the bigger thing to do is keep loving them just for the sake of all that time you’ve spent together even though you know you’ve got nothing left to talk about. It’s not that easy though.
  • Dance is my life. And words. Sheer happiness.
  • The past year has also taught me the importance of laughter. Talking of happiness, and its many forms, this one especially deserves a mention for nothing makes the blues go away like a sharp joke and a loud rotfl!

And so, this year, you might want to wish me some stability, some peace, a little bit of actually growing up, lots and lots of laughter. I might want to wish me that. Cheers to world peace, i say. ;P


19 thoughts on “24 and how!

    • oof ya, we were just jockeying here, even if the lidza and you weren’t! 😀 however, if you love the idea so much, you could marry me and then get this tattoo. or i could adopt you. 😀

      • Debbiiieee! yes yes, they should, be terribly funny days. in fact, fun days. which they are. but if you get down to analysing and asking yourself questions like THAT, that’s when turbulence sets in. 😀

        and oooh, i like the idea of a quill. meanwhile, i love the footprints of yours. 🙂 oh and i’ve seen this video before. good stuff! 🙂

    • er, no. i do not want to be the Ross who’s thing is getting divorced. 😛 also, aaargh. maybe if i got your name tattoo-ed in chinese, you wouldn’t want to divorce me! 😀

    • ANAND SHANKAR! you are such a social butterfly! 😀 nobody in particular, and definitly nobody in the direction you seem to be thinking! 😀 it was just a thought….!

  1. @Nidhi + Oof-Ya: I do not know what you mean by which direction I am thinking. and I am surely not a social butterfly. 🙂 Well, at best I used to be one. But not anymore. 😦

  2. Hey…I so like the idea of this post as well the execution with various pointers capturing so many emotions and instances of your life in the past year!
    Thank you for acknowledging my contribution in one of most happening events…..may I tell you that…I had never ever experienced the gravity and true meaning of mixed emotions until then 🙂 :(…. tattoo..seems a good idea..what about your anklet ?
    I hope the coming year sees a greater overlap of what you want and what you get! 🙂

  3. “The dilemma of the redundancy of some friendships surfaces”. I love that thought. I’ve been through that too with some old friends. The stage when for past friendship’s sake you still make calls despite the fact that the other person never makes the efforts but you still feel the need to. It’s also painful to realise that you mean much less to a person that what you think you do. But chuck the depressing thoughts.

    This is gupta is simplified chinese script. 古普塔…lovely intricate pattern….well suited to the upper arm. or you could have ur entire name printed like an anklet…;)

  4. Anand, yeah, you still are, in your own rights! 😀

    LMT, my name has got to be one of the commonest in this country! as in, my full name. and although i certainly do not dislike it, its not exactly the thing i want on me permanently, since, lets face it, i’m unlikely to forget it! 😀 i’m thinking of a crescent moon in the form of a woman’s face (possibly Isis). or a jigsaw puzzle piece with a butterfly within. eh?

    Sve, * ibid * 😀

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