So I say, Thank you for making frandship with me… :D

So, it is August 1, Frandship Day in the Archies World. Half a decade ago, the day entailed a race for popularity, counted on the number of bands people have on their wrists. Mine still reside in a polythene bag in my nostalgia locker. I’d be a hypocrite if i pretended it didn’t seem just the pits at the time, but now, friendship has a whole other meaning. Gone are the days when dad would have to yell and ma would have to fuss to get me off the phone. Now they just have to do it to get me off Facebook! The pleasures of voyeurism and distance social networking affords….but that’s another story 😀

Meanwhile, I’ve subconsciously worked on this script of a great big thank you speech all my life, hoping it might come in use someday, maybe some big finish to something. Seeing as i see myself as this pitcher, appropriating whatever i like about whoever i meet, there are certain people i am grateful to for being a defining factor in my life ( god i sound so full of myself! ) but anyhow, as it is always good to thank and love people for anything and everything, here goes!

Mummy-Daddy, for making me; Akash-Sagar, for being the joy and fight club of my life; Shishir, for being love, life and always there; Kavya, for the decade she’s given me, for her sense of humor, green eyes, unconditional love; Garima di, for the spice, the gyan and being the stable-headed sister i never did have (happy birthday to you too! ); Anand, for being there, for being so kind, so wise and so loving; Ankita, for being so scintillating, happy and a gem; Riddhi, for being so big hearted, and such a flubber; Vineet, for being ‘sick’ and just never giving up on me; Prateek, for being so much laughter; Baharul, for being himself without any airs; Subhojit, for being SO Bong; Shao, for being the most vibrant person i’ve met and the awesome parties; Lisa, for being just perfect; Naheed, for being eccentric to the hilt, being so open and loving and just the right bit of a snob; Sve, for being all the madness incarnate in the world and yet being all the sanity too; Nalini, for talking in her sleep and having the bestest smile in the world; Priya, for being honest and straightforward; Ruhi, for knowing so much and for being all the Punjabi goodness, and for wanting so badly to be really Kandahari; Sarah, for all her love and cuteness; Shobha, for being the biggest source of rofl’s; Megha, for being so stable; Blossom, for being a sweet gorgeous witch, for the love of her home and the kids and the food; Chanduji, for having a fab sense of humor, for the long rants and the patient ear, for the missed calls; Arpita, for being so bright and beautiful; Preetha, for being such a madcap; Zoya, for being happiness, for the best hugs in the world; Jalil, for being The Phiplosopher and being a compulsive, meaningless flirt; Divyank, for Grooveshark, all the stand-up comedy, all the comedy standing up and sitting down, the honesty and the beer times; Astik, for being the most understanding person i’ve known; Sanjay, Blossom and Sonal for teaching me the moves and the way to be i love the best…and so many many more, who mean more than their little presences might imply.

Phew, so that is long. Bound to ( and i sincerely hope it does ) grow longer. If it weren’t for the people around, one would be nothing but an underdeveloped, undernourished version of what they are. Thank you my peeps, looking forward to many more many good times.


8 thoughts on “So I say, Thank you for making frandship with me… :D

  1. ok thanks for frandshipping me also!!!! now don’t get so senti yaaaaaaarrrrrr !!!!! but i think you will make a very good speech if you ever win an oscar. you have displayed your potential. excellent thanking skills i say 😀

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