Anticipating the perpetuity
That the polaroids would bring
They lost themselves for hours
In skies, strata and seas
Drowned in time and dreams,
Scraped many-a happy knee.
Mischievous impish eyes
Profiles and white lies
Loud grins and side glances,
Now live in rectangles
In my gasping living room,
Scrambling for space through
Precipitous memories at noon.
In the thunder and downpour
Of nostalgia storming through the door
They come to me, ghosts of suns last,
Drink my wine and pluck at my heart.
But O heart, my dear heart!
Take heart, this at least never will part,
We’ll name them in everyday of that past…
But then, my heart, we must go back to the start.


One thought on “Frames

  1. You know what…after so many poems that I have read of your's, this is first I have understood so well…a reflection of my improvement in the said language I guess! 😛 I really like the meaning..there is so much attached with the pictures we click…and we need to be thankful that if nothing else they will stay with us forever….I likes.. Facebook style! 🙂

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