(ab)Use the language right!

Walking home from the bus stand the other day, at about 8 pm, on a road conspicuously dark on the eve of Diwali, a second encounter with an oversmart desperate loser on the road got me perplexed enough to yell out “Ch******, kaan ke neeche dun kya?”. Of course, the man in question, having completed his gesture of utter disrespect to a woman like me ( who must deserve it, ie to say ), paid no heed to anything i had to say or do after that, especially as i just walked on anyway.

Problem was, through all this, i was on the phone with Ma. You can only imagine the kind of shock that gave her, making her lash out at me for using such bad language and thereby inviting calamities. Impulsive retorts of this sort ought not to be made by decent girls from decent households. Or in any case, not while you’re on the phone with anybody, and definitly not your parents!

Meanwhile, i’ve felt abusive language is handy, especially if being spewed out by the likes of us who aren’t expected to do so. It takes them aback, shocks them ( this at least works right ) into not reacting soon enough and also makes it evident that the woman in question isn’t going to let things go without a fight, or in any case, isn’t going to put up with any more of it. Eveteasers are essentially cowards by nature, or drunk, not men in the real sense.

So would a decent girl like me let such filth out of her mouth again in public? I very much think so! So much for decency, ma, it’s a tit-for-tat world out there! (no pun intended, you filthy mans! ) πŸ˜€


2 thoughts on “(ab)Use the language right!

  1. Good that you did it. Eye for an eye might make the whole world blind, but a k-in-the-b is often necessary for the ‘seeminly blind’ to wake up. Such swine often walk away unharmed because the person affected doesn’t retort on time. Good to know that my friends are too tough for them to cross. Take care.

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