Happy in the New

…Aaaand so, 2011 is here. Yet another beginning, fresh start, clean break bla bla….and yet, so much carried over, unfinished business. 2010 was the year for travel – such fun it has been. One of the most chilled out years I have had in the recent past. 2011 promises to be, at best, turbulent. Big changes afoot – with post-graduation coming to a close, and other big (unmentionable) events possibly underfoot – this year I’m going to have to tread a wee bit more carefully.

But the soul is rankled this time by the observation that time. just. FLIES! and so, the other day, Anand Shankar and i were discussing retirement plans, since it apparently already seems round the corner for one who is yet to ( re? ) embark on a career and one who’s just started on his true calling. The plan ( as it has evolved in my purty head ) is: beach shack on fancy Goa beach, where the Shankar shall whip up fancy dishes, the Sve shall maitre’d with all her fancy shiny personality, the Shy-shur shall handle water sports and other such ruf-n-tuf activities and yours truly shall do her thing behind a bar counter, a la Tom in Cocktail, or the Coyote Ugly girls, whatever you prefer. Of course, for this plan to get underway, we need to all retire much early…but oh, the dream!

So anyhow, all such castles in the air apart, this year i promise myself no resolutions, simply because that’s a road that ends before it begins. But a few new life guidelines to be adopted include: taking things one day at a time; being sincere, no matter what; and, loving, not taking for granted.

Wish me the laughter, the love and all that i can see and learn in the world, and i shall wish it right back for you. Cheers!


5 thoughts on “Happy in the New

  1. Such a cute little post..for a moment I thought I was missing from your retirement plans (Shy-Shur)…lollzz…you would have had it! Anyway…for one….I love” no resolutions” for this year, truly believe in it.and the small guidelines are so important and makes sense….lovely to read this! 🙂

  2. maitre’d . all fancy and french and so complicated that i had to look it up 😛 and in all of this i gather that you want to make me a WAITER in your retirement dream. cheeeee. hawwwwwwwwww. stand in a corner and re-think your retirement plan.

  3. I vote for Coyote Ugly girl. That should rake in the moolah.
    And if I remember, Sve was supposed to be the hot owner!!!
    Nidhi, you almost got me killed. 🙂

  4. Chanduji, thank you! wish the same for you.

    Shishir, 🙂 :*

    Sve, oof ya! the maitre’d in tiny places like this is usually the owner/manager of the place! do not misunderstand me!

    Anand, umm yeaah..you would vote for Coyote-ness, no? 😀 and post above given clarification, i hope your life is not under threat anymore. 😀

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