In the space between our hands,
When our fingers entwine
For all the world to see,
In the tiny vacuum there                                                  
Flickers a spark
Glimmers twinkles winks
As do the mirrors,
Lights, colors, sequins,
Raining down every window.
The spark is alight
As our steps take flight
Buoyed by our skinny love
Light as the butterscotch
Swallowed, floating on a cloud.
The spark burns, rages
Like the blood into your
Sun-kissed cheeks,
Like flecks of red bursting
upon fresh white snow.
And into your eyes
I melt, today, as we feel
That spark, in the little world
That is born between
Sliding, familiarizing hands.

( For Shishir )

( Also dedicated to Jalil Mehdi, whose love sort of inspires this. )


2 thoughts on “Ignite

  1. Thank youuuuuuuuu! It has such beautiful expression…I shall refrain from expressing my absolute true emotions right now…:P, rest when we meet! 🙂

  2. OMG! Emily rises again & Sags me away.
    Most beautiful dedication Ever.Now i think, i should stop walking on eggshells.. Heaps of thnx Nids! 😀

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