O treacherous moon,
Tonight you are half
Like my heart,
From battling yourself.
You’ve shone
With all your might,
With true love’s pride;
You’ve loved and lost
And yet you love again,
With light you borrow,
To mask all your sorrow,
You fade out of sight
Every fortnight.
But something within you
Must gallop at her sight;
Stars must shoot,
Meteors must burn,
Elsewhere, elliptical
Galaxies must turn;
For the heart doesn’t know,
It is a haunted canoe,
You want her to come
Take you out to sea,
Within her, you want to be.
But she stays, always
A mile away,
cold cold cold
You think her heart is
Wooden whittled wired,
Anew every corner hired.
But you see, she too
Is precious, like you.
Her heart, like porcelain
Is fragile, she too
Must’ve loved,
Only to have it slain.
And tonight we’re half,
You and i; let me bask
In your dim cascade,
Let us go away, into
The pain, let us fade…


3 thoughts on “Lunar

  1. You write really well Nidhi, it is your gift from God…and you know what is the best part…you know about it! 🙂 You have an imagination that runs a thousand miles…and you possess the power of words to express it too….if only this poem did not have the sadness to it…but nonetheless it is one of the best you’ve written in sometime! How I wish to tell you all this in person…..

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