We are well into the Age of Unlearning.

By the ‘Age of Unlearning’ i mean the time of our lives when convictions passed down to us by the medium of carrot, stick or just plain old genes, through the younger, more innocent years of our lives, get violently shredded one by one, into tiny itty-bitty pieces. Like Bertha Mason’s poor curtains, they become victim to an overpowering, uncontrollable rage, which itself stems from some form of clarity.

Convictions? Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, Love, Karma, the power of Altruism, democracy, the You Ess of Ae, Capitalism, or Socialism, My life is the dream, Money will get you places, theories about superiority of the species, God?

Is this just the natural trajectory of growing up? Or is this just a phenomenon specific to our ‘post-modern’ generation whose motto is ‘everything goes, man’?

Madness is only expressing what shocks, abhors, deranges the babus. Bertha, your anger may well have been justified. He didn’t give you the chance you deserved. What of ours? At the betrayal of a thousand full moons and countless content nights? Of the violation of an innocence that will never come back as it is? And to think, saying that your God is a farce if you want blood on his hands is madness!

Growing up is to be able to see better through thicker lenses. That’s just sad!


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