I would like to be remembered for…

My words

The best Chocolate cakes around

Being a good person

Bringing some peace, somewhere

A killer wardrobe

The people who make me, the people I’d make

The photographs I’d take, the travelling I’d do, the friends I’d make

Being unbeatable at Chess!

Some love, some laughter and some pure blissful happiness

Being able to do a full leg split at 40 ( haha! )

Being true and for having a soul…


Happy in the New

…Aaaand so, 2011 is here. Yet another beginning, fresh start, clean break bla bla….and yet, so much carried over, unfinished business. 2010 was the year for travel – such fun it has been. One of the most chilled out years I have had in the recent past. 2011 promises to be, at best, turbulent. Big changes afoot – with post-graduation coming to a close, and other big (unmentionable) events possibly underfoot – this year I’m going to have to tread a wee bit more carefully.

But the soul is rankled this time by the observation that time. just. FLIES! and so, the other day, Anand Shankar and i were discussing retirement plans, since it apparently already seems round the corner for one who is yet to ( re? ) embark on a career and one who’s just started on his true calling. The plan ( as it has evolved in my purty head ) is: beach shack on fancy Goa beach, where the Shankar shall whip up fancy dishes, the Sve shall maitre’d with all her fancy shiny personality, the Shy-shur shall handle water sports and other such ruf-n-tuf activities and yours truly shall do her thing behind a bar counter, a la Tom in Cocktail, or the Coyote Ugly girls, whatever you prefer. Of course, for this plan to get underway, we need to all retire much early…but oh, the dream!

So anyhow, all such castles in the air apart, this year i promise myself no resolutions, simply because that’s a road that ends before it begins. But a few new life guidelines to be adopted include: taking things one day at a time; being sincere, no matter what; and, loving, not taking for granted.

Wish me the laughter, the love and all that i can see and learn in the world, and i shall wish it right back for you. Cheers!

Dancing in Distant Places

And her eyes, they said,
To the world: “Dead
I might be to you,
But i only seek new
Horizons to cruise,
Far away from those blues,
For flight, for freedom,
For jazz, and just some
many little joys. i’ll take
All that heartache,
Thank you, i’ll keep it,
I know, it’ll do its bit.
None were mine to call,
Nor was i theirs; in all
I did just fine, i think,
Never fell off the brink,
But for all the pieces
That fit, the creases
Only made for more eloquent
Satin. Now that i’m bent
Into shape with this pirouette,
To forever whirl, i am set –
Yes, i will, i’ll take my chances,
For I have the soul that dances!”

Chasing Dreams

Lights go out,
sounds die down
words scream out, but
Nobody’s listening tonight.
There you are,
Floating up to infinity,
Cruising clouds,
Following your own music.
You try
To break free,
Cut through the string
that pulls you back
To earth,
Slit the hand
That is your harbinger,
Taunting blood
That drips down time.
This heart
That pines for you
Beats out pleas
Up to many gods
anchoring on hope,
after dead faith.
You’re mine, really,
This thread between us
I will never let go.
Come save me,
Salvage me,
If only you come true,
It’ll be
The making of me.
Glint red all you want
You’ll never get away,
Until you make me.
Take a good look
At this raging flood
under cracked skin.
Embalm me tonight,
Let it rain.
Sing that lullaby,
Come true,
And then lay me
Down to sleep.