On my body, you will find

The lines you’re looking for. These creases

are just old enough – for the lines

To not become borders. impenetrable.

Impregnable. Trace your fingers across

My solar plexus, and you will



[Pigeons soar alongside, I see them

Racing to stay in my line of vision

As we hurtle on, epiphanies within

Sight. They throw themselves

At me only to hit duplicitous glass. Now,

The light turns liquid and flows down

The cracks they leave behind.]


                                       The light

Of a million galaxies trickling down.

If you listen closely, there’s bird song

Too. You will bend me, and I will

Comply. Rehearsed; this routine isn’t

A lie. But it isn’t the truth either.


There are only questions in these folds.


These folds that are grey with age.


This is an age unwilling to bend.

But around the bend, lies the answer.  



2012. Distances grow. Without meaning to. From innocence, from love, from sharing, from family. From concern, from grappling, from reality. From truth. From coherence. From understanding. Growing up is happening too fast. Suddenly, there is no time. I’ve lost myself in a tumult of the outside, forgetting myself in the hurricane. Gladly so. Suddenly, it is easy to ignore the mundane, be engrossed in the trivial. It is easy to feel like I’m doing something of credibility, of worth, something that will have an impact. Much harder to realise, in moments of self-truth, that this may not really be so. At the end of the day, my eyes hurt behind lids that are coloured grey and red every time I close them. Loud guffaws of the day echo in some cob-webby attic of the mind. There’s distance in perceiving time too. Days have begun to feel like an age. Exhaustion consumes me, I don’t have the energy to think things through. And yet, this is ordinariness. Others have lives twisting into hyperbole every second. And I run away from them, from myself because I have no solace to offer. Every morning, I wake up unwillingly, and the first thought that floats into mind is a tiny prayer for a sense of humour to a God I don’t particularly believe in. And he/she grants it to me. And I live on…


In the O of the Whole
And the | of the half
Lies a quarter of a soul
Waiting for its last laugh.

Quartered lemons
With half a glass of woe
For one momentous whole day
And some candles to blow.

Four quarters or two halves
To make a perfect O.
Within the black hole of existence,
Is it possible to glow?

Wanting to be, to grow,
To live, to lose, to flow,
Is three parts desire
And one part, to know.

Lessons this Spring

You would be foolish to give love in abundance and think there’s enough of it to go around. Because in this realist world, what you want is reciprocation, a fair deal. Ok, maybe even an unfair deal, but a deal nevertheless. But in matters of the heart, this doesn’t work. People will always judge you. They will convince you that you do not deserve what you’ve got. They will pull you down. Unconditional love is a fairy tale. A lesson hard-learnt, then.

Of course, there are exceptions. Those that will say to you, it’s alright, making mistakes is human, let’s move on. Those that will never give up on you. Those that will believe in you and your goodness, no matter what. These, then, are the too-good-to-be-true people and you hang on to them for dear life. For life may not be a fairy tale but around these people, it might seem like one in short euphoric bursts.

…It was right then that I started thinking about Thomas Jefferson on the Declaration of Independence and the part about our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And I remember thinking how did he know to put the pursuit part in there? That maybe happiness is something that we can only pursue and maybe we can actually never have it. No matter what. How did he know that?

— Chris Gardner, The Pursuit of Happyness, 2006

I am going to post every week!

So much for having no new year resolutions! 😀 WordPress has efficiently motivated me, along with so many others, to resolve to go strong on the constructing this time. ( of course, the de-constructing is always part of the constructing. or otherwise? ) And so, here’s my first big change of the year: quitting being a lazy bum and getting more in touch with the universe! Of course, the stronger challenge would be to post more than once a week, and that challenge too, is, Accepted ( Barney Stinson style ) !

Here we go! All gung-ho! 😀

Happy in the New

…Aaaand so, 2011 is here. Yet another beginning, fresh start, clean break bla bla….and yet, so much carried over, unfinished business. 2010 was the year for travel – such fun it has been. One of the most chilled out years I have had in the recent past. 2011 promises to be, at best, turbulent. Big changes afoot – with post-graduation coming to a close, and other big (unmentionable) events possibly underfoot – this year I’m going to have to tread a wee bit more carefully.

But the soul is rankled this time by the observation that time. just. FLIES! and so, the other day, Anand Shankar and i were discussing retirement plans, since it apparently already seems round the corner for one who is yet to ( re? ) embark on a career and one who’s just started on his true calling. The plan ( as it has evolved in my purty head ) is: beach shack on fancy Goa beach, where the Shankar shall whip up fancy dishes, the Sve shall maitre’d with all her fancy shiny personality, the Shy-shur shall handle water sports and other such ruf-n-tuf activities and yours truly shall do her thing behind a bar counter, a la Tom in Cocktail, or the Coyote Ugly girls, whatever you prefer. Of course, for this plan to get underway, we need to all retire much early…but oh, the dream!

So anyhow, all such castles in the air apart, this year i promise myself no resolutions, simply because that’s a road that ends before it begins. But a few new life guidelines to be adopted include: taking things one day at a time; being sincere, no matter what; and, loving, not taking for granted.

Wish me the laughter, the love and all that i can see and learn in the world, and i shall wish it right back for you. Cheers!

Why the world’s better Today

Rise, shine, step out
Size up, slice down, around
The corner, turn
The wheel to Next.
Blink, bleed, blare
Toe the line outside,
Trailing string
To crossroads,
Centuries, crumbling
Empires. Peel the scab
Sashay to attention,
Sneak peek at reflection,
Slide to water retention.
Period. Trim top
Down triangle, break for
Cuppa, hurtling
Through placid
Flaccid city, urbanity,
That is grinding on
Behind. Light bliss up
On commas and semi-colons
In purple orchids &
Candyfloss. Slosh on
Poison, Dine & Wine in
Skirt of gauze.
Now, float out on
Rhythm & Blues;
Oh how i love that about

Shine on you Crazy Diamond

Shine on you crazy diamond,
Now is your time to glow;
Finding your destiny in the dark-
let your whole being flow.
Insanity might be taboo here,
but let that not deter you,
since it is the insane alone
that really make it through.
Burn in that fiery passion
that only the truly wronged ever feel.
Purge your soul of all its sins
before, in prayer, you kneel.
Breathe in the purity of time-
make it a part of your own;
sing to waves inviting reign,
beating the ones that crease your frown.
Cut through chaos with
the power of your stony gaze.
Crystallise within you the dewdrops fine,
like the clear water of praise.
Lie down to rest
in a haven of black velvet;
make love to golden silence
in that sordid dream so delicate.
Reach out to the sky
in all its wide palette of blue.
Lounge in the warmth of the sun
on fluffy clouds that imagination drew.
Feel the moment ticking by,
cascading melodies on white snow-
Shine on you crazy diamond,
Now is your time to glow……