Ten days in the month of June, three girls (very much like that Maggi ad) roamed the road less travelled in Himachal. It has to be one of the most memorable trips for me, all thanks to R and B. Yes we did it all – saw, ate, slept, wrote, dreamt, stared, gaped, prayed, loved, inhaled, trekked, read, heard, felt, yelled, guffawed…it was like an endless journey through the thick and thin of nature and what mankind has made of it. It was a much needed break from the city, the cosmopolitanism and the competition. It was an exploration into depths, searching for love, religion, words, sights, ideas and eventually, for existence…for just being. It was an opportunity, to bond with strangers, to grow closer to acqauintances and to get to know friends better. Somewhere between the loud singing along to Coldplay, The Beatles, ABBA as our little Alto zipped and zoomed round hills and blind turns, we learnt of some of the simplest forms of bliss – silence in good company, golden hot aloo paranthas with loads of melting butter at 7 am in the middle of nowhere (and this view is from this very point), gaping at the immense capability of the sky to hold stars, touching the innocence that only children can have, but that is sadly going amiss in this day and age of ‘little TV stars’, sipping hot lemon ginger tea and making friends from beyond borders, being awed at the spectacle of a 1,000 year old looming Buddha statue carved into an even older wall, sleeping in a car for the night for lack of money but only loving the stories this stuff makes, absorbing what village elders have to give us, laughing our lungs out at the most inane jokes, falling asleep through rambling tipsy conversations at 2 am…

It was an escape that i needed. It was a rejuvenation i got.

Spontaneity works pure magic sometimes.