Why the world’s better Today

Rise, shine, step out
Size up, slice down, around
The corner, turn
The wheel to Next.
Blink, bleed, blare
Toe the line outside,
Trailing string
To crossroads,
Centuries, crumbling
Empires. Peel the scab
Sashay to attention,
Sneak peek at reflection,
Slide to water retention.
Period. Trim top
Down triangle, break for
Cuppa, hurtling
Through placid
Flaccid city, urbanity,
That is grinding on
Behind. Light bliss up
On commas and semi-colons
In purple orchids &
Candyfloss. Slosh on
Poison, Dine & Wine in
Skirt of gauze.
Now, float out on
Rhythm & Blues;
Oh how i love that about


2 thoughts on “Why the world’s better Today

  1. heh. yeah, jubilation at being back in the midst of it all, despite extreme cases of disgust, thus referred to as well. :)but the real nostalgia shall overflow when we make a much needed trip back to 2004-07…:P

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